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Mardid Accommodation

Madrid Accommodation

As the capitol of Spain, Madrid has plenty of accommodation available, from top hotels to Hostels and Pensions. It is said that there over 400 hotels in Madrid and close surrounding areas.

This is the types of accommodation you can expect to find in Madrid and surrounding areas -

Rental Accommodation - This can vary from a basic apartment through to a luxury villa with pool, and can be for one person or a large group. The price you pay makes all the difference.
Hotel - Simply be looked after. Generally the more you pay, the better the room and the service. Some hotels display a sun, star, keys or bed rating. Cheap Madrid hotels are always a good choice.
Aparthotel - Look after yourself in an apartment, in a hotel building. Some will have cooking facilities. Others you can use the hotel restaurant if you wish - or alternatively eat out.


Apartment - Look after yourself - usually completely self-contained and situated in a apartment block or part of a house.
Hostel - Hotel accommodation with the lowest rating, more often used by younger people. Prices vary, but many hostels can be as much as 50% cheaper than an equivalent hotel. If it's advertised as 'Albergues Juveniles', it's a Youth Hostel.
Pension - Similar to Hostel, but with the most basic of accommodation, sometimes sharing with others.
Camping - There are a number of campsites in the area around Madrid, for both camping and caravans. Alan Rogers web site gives fairly detailed reviews of all these sites.

Hotal Accommodation     Hotel Accommodation

In Madrid you will find most of these types of accommodation (although you will have difficulty finding a luxury villa with a pool or a camping site in the middle of the city!!! ). Because Madrid is a busy built-up area, most accommodation will appear to be in block of flats adjacent to streets, while others (usually away from the centre of the city) can be luxurious apartments in ultra modern tower blocks. It's all down to cost and how far from the centre of the city you prefer to be.

There are many Accommodation Agents in the city, as well as some Real Estate offices who can arrange bookings. If you prefer to book before arriving, try searching for 'Madrid Accommodation' on the Internet, where you will find an unbelievable numbers of agents listed and waiting to help you. You may also find some of the advertisers on this page helpful.

Be prepared to pay some money up-front as a deposit for your accommodation, and be aware that not all establishments will take credit cards (sometimes not even debit cards). Check first. For one-night stays, you may be asked for the full amount in advance. Very few places will take bankers cheque's unless paid well in advance.


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