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Madrid Buses & Car Hire

There are a number of bus operators in the Madrid area, both private and state-owned, the main one being EMT. This organisation run over 2005 buses covering all the important and popular destinations. For a full listing of services, their web site is very comprehensive, and in English -

The colour of the buses often denote the distance or area they travel to or from -
Red - Urban - mostly EMT.
Green - Suburban - mostly private companies.

In addition to 'normal' routes, there are Tour Buses which are open-top double-decker's and long-distance coaches providing links to other parts of the country, ticket for which can be ordered online from Eurolines web site -

In Madrid, there is currently a standard fare of 1 euro on all EMT main routes and is payable on the bus. EMT also offers a Metrobus ticket for 9 euros which covers most normal and MetroMadrid routes, for 10 journeys. These can be purchased at Metro Network kiosks, newsagents kiosks and authorised tobacconists. It is necessary for the passenger to pass the ticket through the machine on entering the bus.

Metrobus Ticket

Madrid's Main Bus Stations are -

Estación Sur Menendez Álvaro. Tel: 914 684 200
Metro stop: Menendez Álvaro (circular line 6)
Metropolitan-area trains: Menendez Álvaro buses 113-141-8

Avenida de América Transfer Station. Tel: 917 456 300
Metro stop: Avenida de América

Empresa Ruiz Station. Tel: 914 680 850
Metro stop: Atocha

La Sepulveda Station. Tel: 915 304 800
Metro stop: Principe Pío


Madrid Taxis and Car Hire

"Can´t live with them, can´t live without them!" Is very true of Madrid taxi drivers. Whilst they are a menace to anyone driving in the city, they are needed my many people. If you are a car driver in Madrid - beware.

Madrid Taxi

Madrid taxis can be booked in advance or hailed in the street in the normal way. But they cannot be booked to collect you at the airport or a train station. At these places there is normally a queue of taxis waiting to take you to your destination.

Taxi Telephone Numbers -
Radio Taxi Associated Gremial - 91 447 51 80 or 91 447 32 32
Radio Taxi Independent - 91 405 12 13 or 91 405 55 00
Euro Taxi - 91 547 82 00
Teletaxi - 01 371 21 31 or 91 371 37 11

Madrid taxis have two ways to indicate if they are available or not - a green light on the roof of the cab and a placard inside the front window. A green light and 'Libre' on the placard indicates they are available. 'Occupado' naturally means the taxis is occupied.

As with all taxis, ask for the cost of travel before you start the journey. There are a number of supplements which the metre will add to the fare at the end of your journey, and these include 5 euro to go to or from the airport, 2.50 euro to a train station, etc. Be prepared. The driver may also charge for any luggage, or what he considers excessive luggage.

Madrid Car Hire

If you are only needing to travel around Madrid city, it is far more practical and cost effective to use the metro and bus services than to hire a car. However if you need to travel outside the city, then there is a bewildering number of car hire companies to choose from based in central Madrid. They are not always very cheap. If on the other hand you need a hire car on arriving at Madrid Airport (Barajas), because many hire car companies are competing for your business, and because they are mostly all together is an area where you can go from one to another to compare prices, you will find it easier to get better deals. It's well worth shopping around. As with hiring a car anywhere in the world, check on what you are hiring, and the terms and conditions, before you sign for it.


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