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Street Entertainment

Madrid Entertainment

As you would expect of the capital city in Spain, the amount and quality of entertainment available, is considerable, and this page can only cover a small part of it.

You can find all types of music in Madrid. Many major artists play here, and there are a vast number of venues that provide flamenco, classical, jazz, rock, pop, DJ’s including many live concerts. The centre of Madrid has a many flamenco shows, on the streets you will find artists singing and playing guitars - solo and in groups. The local newspapers are a good place to find the shows listed, while some venues simply have sandwich boards outside the venue advertising the current attraction.

Madrid Theatre

When it comes to theatre entertainment in Madrid, you will be spoilt for choice. There there are more than 27 theatres in the centre alone. The Gran Via road is full of theatres, and generally you can buy tickets from the box office the afternoon for that nights performance. Many theatres offer the option of booking online with a credit card, and some have a telephone reservation service.

Madrid Cinema

Cinema Entertainment
Madrid has many cinemas which include several that show films in English. Usually there are generally two shows a day, the first at around 19:00 or 20:00 and the second at about 22:00, although these times will vary according to the cinema and the length of the film being shown.


For the early shows you can usually arrive just half an hour before the film starts, but it is advisable to buy your tickets in advance for the later shows (and for new releases).

Madrid Restaurant

Cuisine In Madrid
Eating out in Madrid can be a joy. The huge range of restaurants and eating places is incredible, both in doors and outside. If you need something a little smaller than a full meal, try a Tapas Bar. In Madrid the selection of tapas is astounding! You can choose from every kind of tapas imaginable. Even vegetarians are well catered for in Madrid.

Nightlife In Madrid
Madrid is noted for its nightlife. Rarely do the Spaniards go out until at least 11pm in the evening, and most don't go home until after 7am in the morning. The entertainment Madrid offers includes some of Europe’s best known clubs.

If night life is your scene, Madrid is the place for you.

Entertainment in Madrid
Madrid is famous for the variety of entertainment it offers - cinema, opera, theatre, dancing of all sorts. This page can't possibly list all the options of entertainment. See the local newspapers for the latest shows, etc, or just stroll around the streets and call in at something that takes your fancy.



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