This Superbowl which has become worldwide famous is the completion of the winding-up of the regular season of the football game and this begins in the late summer of the year which is the previous one. this superbowl game has got shaped as a component of the merger conformity between NFL and AFL. The NFL refers to the National Football League and the AFL refers to American Football League. The rival of the NFL is the AFL, and this was decided that both teams who are the champions will be playing in the annual AFL-NFL championship game till the merge has begun in the year 1970 officially. The first game has been played in the year 1967 after which the respective teams have completed their games in the regular season of the football.

superbowlNFL and AFL merge to create Superbowl

This Superbowl is the completion or the culmination of the season number 100 of the NFL that is the National Football League, and this will be promising to the one which is a prominent and also a striking championship game so far. Superbowl LIV is the game that is the final championship game of football in the year 2019 season of the national football league. The regular season has been concluded in the month of December and it has kicked off in the month of September. In this Superbowl, there are the scores and the odds where ion many people show a lot of interest and invest money along with their valuable time to place the bets.


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